Exercise of the Week

Pilates Preview: yo.pila.barre!

Boy, ya’ll are in for a treat. It’s taking much, MUCH longer than I thought, but “yo.pila.barre, The Best of All Three” is coming together nicely. I’ve taken the most effect yoga, pilates and barre method exercises that worked best for me–that keeps me in shape despite my pushing 40 with four kids to boot. And you guys need to know–I AM NOT NATURALLY SKINNY! Just about every female relative of mine is overweight. And trust me–my body really, REALLY wants to be fat. My body tends to morph into a Red Delicious if I’m not careful, which is why I’m careful.

My goal (and it’s a lofty one) is to really make an impact in the way black women think and feel about their bodies. Black women are beautiful. It high time we stop covering all that hawtness with unnecessary fat.

This scene was taken on location in beautiful La Quinta, California.

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